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“Saving The World”

Since Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast a few weeks ago, I’ve been doing what I can to help. Here are some ways that you can help, too. If you can’t help right away, don’t worry. You will have plenty of opportunities to do so in the coming months and, unfortunately, years. This was a disaster in the truest, biggest, yet least hyperbolic sense of the word that I’ve ever witnessed firsthand, and rebuilding will take time, effort, and an unbelievable amount of resources. Thank you in advance for whatever you can provide, be it time, supplies, cash or even “just” caring.

My only real memory of my uncle Russ…

…is that he was really serious about a man’s need to wear a belt. In his universe, I think belts held the fabric of reality together. I don’t go near a belt without thinking of my uncle Russ.

True Story

Once upon a time, when I was a youngster, I had a pair of jeans with holes in the knees (I’ve had a bunch of those), and I referred to them proudly as my “Joey Ramone pants” in front of my mother.

“Oh, don’t make fun of him! Maybe his family’s poor and they can’t afford to buy him new jeans!”, my mom replied.

March 5th, 2001

[6:56] _sdc_: last time i was in toronto, august ’99…

[6:56] _sdc_: my last night there, user4 and i are at velvet on a ton of mushrooms…

[6:56] _sdc_: we’re hanging out, and someone gets the dj to make a birthday dedication on the mic…

[6:57] _sdc_: so user4 is like “you should go over to him, and make some fake birthday dedication or something…”

[6:57] _sdc_: i go over to the booth, and i’m like “i want you to send the next song out to user4, who lost his virginity last night…doesn’t matter what song…”

[6:58] _sdc_: so, next song comes on…

[6:59] _sdc_: dj is like “this next song goes out to user4, who lost his virginity last night…”

[6:59] _sdc_: the song, if you’re wondering, was “red right hand” by nick cave.

January 18th, 2001

[4:46] * _sdc_ spent from 1-8 am this morning throwing up.

[4:46] user1: ewwwwww flu or debauchery?

[4:46] _sdc_: the latter. some painkiller called oxycontin or something of that sort.

[4:47] _sdc_: 1 pill. 40 milligrams. FUCKED ME UP. never again.

[4:48] _sdc_: i’ve never gotten around to doing smack, but both the high and the comedown sound identical to my past almost 24 hours. ick.

[4:48] _sdc_: bad news.

[4:48] user1: oh man

[4:49] _sdc_: i’m not a fan. getting too old for this “adverse reactions to drugs” stuff.