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March 5th, 2001

[6:56] _sdc_: last time i was in toronto, august ’99…

[6:56] _sdc_: my last night there, user4 and i are at velvet on a ton of mushrooms…

[6:56] _sdc_: we’re hanging out, and someone gets the dj to make a birthday dedication on the mic…

[6:57] _sdc_: so user4 is like “you should go over to him, and make some fake birthday dedication or something…”

[6:57] _sdc_: i go over to the booth, and i’m like “i want you to send the next song out to user4, who lost his virginity last night…doesn’t matter what song…”

[6:58] _sdc_: so, next song comes on…

[6:59] _sdc_: dj is like “this next song goes out to user4, who lost his virginity last night…”

[6:59] _sdc_: the song, if you’re wondering, was “red right hand” by nick cave.

New Section Added

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So here’s where I’m at in life…

I’m not over my last relationship, but it’s in a different way than I’ve ever been “not over my last relationship”. It’s not a good feeling, or a happy one, but it’s definitely a healthier one than I think I’ve felt before. I’m not angry about it. I don’t want them back, as the situation made both of us unhappy in some way or another. I miss who they were, but “who they were” doesn’t exist in that form anymore, even though I talk to them just about every day. I think that I’m still sad that it didn’t work out, and I’m lonely. Maybe one of these things would change if the other did, or maybe they have nothing to do with one another.

I’m trying pretty hard not to blame anyone else for my life choices and their fallout these days. I’m getting a little better at this, but it’s a work in progress.

I’d kind of like to have something to look forward to in my life, and something to build.

I need more company (visitors, not housemates, at least for now) and less stuff.

I need to get better at gauging other peoples’ level and type of interest in me.

I need to live in a place of my own, with no housemates.

I need to travel more.

I need a direction.

I need an identity.

For fans of my music…

The Music section of the site has been updated, with more robust information on everything there including lyrics, backstory on the songs and so forth.

January 18th, 2001

[4:46] * _sdc_ spent from 1-8 am this morning throwing up.

[4:46] user1: ewwwwww flu or debauchery?

[4:46] _sdc_: the latter. some painkiller called oxycontin or something of that sort.

[4:47] _sdc_: 1 pill. 40 milligrams. FUCKED ME UP. never again.

[4:48] _sdc_: i’ve never gotten around to doing smack, but both the high and the comedown sound identical to my past almost 24 hours. ick.

[4:48] _sdc_: bad news.

[4:48] user1: oh man

[4:49] _sdc_: i’m not a fan. getting too old for this “adverse reactions to drugs” stuff.