Monthly Archives: July 2012

Some things I should mention…

1. I have a lot of stuff and I’m going to be putting some of it on sale soon. I say this often. I do it sometimes. Expect this to be one of those times. You folks know the kinds of things I have laying around. Put in a request for some stuff if you’re looking for anything in particular or just want to browse.

2. I’m looking for a band. I’ve got one member already who plays 3 instruments, and I play 3 of them myself. Let’s take some of the heat off of him and I. Keyboards, guitars, bass, drums, whatever, if you’re looking for a low-paying, completely unstable situation working for or with a crazy person making the world’s most fucked up, loud, ridiculous, utterly psychotic pop songs, drop me a line. Complete and total antipathy toward the concept of intellectual property a must.

3. Remember that last post? It’s right below this one if you’re reading this on the web site it was published on. Yeah, anyway, dating sites really fucking suck. Hell, dating really fucking sucks. If anyone out there wants to skip all that and go straight to the part where we go food shopping together and watch television programs, get ahold of me, and please, try not to be as fucking terrifying to me as I probably am to you.

4. I seem to be alienating and shutting out a lot of people lately. I wonder if I’m going to end up regretting this. I hope not. Of course, I also hope that in the future, I won’t have as many people in my life who I’ll feel a need to shut out, or who’ll be alienated by how I feel about things.

5. In less than a year, I’ve gone from having $18,000 in the bank to being back in a situation where I feel like I should consult with a financial advisor before I get a Frappuccino. Catching up on a decade of a life in disrepair while simultaneously dealing with compulsive depression & anxiety-related spending will do that to you in a fucking hurry. I’ll be OK in the long run, I learned a bunch from it, but in the short term, I will be living hand to mouth. If you’ve ever thought to yourself “I should really donate money to Scott Crawford” (and amazingly, people have thought this and done something about it; thanks to them, wherever they are), now would be a pretty fucking awesome time for you to act on that.

That’s all for now.