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New Year’s Eve 2014

I’m sitting on a train, just pulled out of the station, headed out to spend the night with new friends, and I have some time to reflect on this year, because, hey, we’ve really enjoyed 2014, haven’t we?

Actually, I don’t think we have, so I’ll keep that part short.

I did make some new friends, and I’m grateful for them.

I spent time with some old friends, too, and that’s always good.

I saw some new places, a few of which I’m grateful for, and the rest of which were in the South.

I almost died, but I’m OK. My car, not so much.

Some people didn’t make it, though, and that’s a bummer. I hope they’re at peace.

I saw some concerts!

I got some bubble gum cards.

I watched a revolution or two begin, and I hope they get somewhere good, for a change.

I turned 40.

And, tonight, I “celebrate” the 25th anniversary of the beginning of my career in drinking by not drinking for the 16th consecutive year. The apartment I started in isn’t physically there anymore, but I still am. In some moments, I still feel like the 15 year old who walked into that place. In others, I feel, well, 40 or older. I thought the hangovers would end when the drinking did. Guess not.

In 2015, I will try to get into shape (and maybe succeed), I will work on my poor impulse control (and yes, someone who quit drinking 16 years ago can still have a long road ahead of them on that), I will try to stop insulting locusts by referring to humans in general and Americans in particular as locusts, and I will try to finish creating something of intrinsic value, anything, because this year, all I finished were baseball card sets, and I didn’t create those. Will I do any of what I’m trying for here? That’s anyone’s guess.

Happy New Year, and may next year be much better than this year was.

January-June 2014 In Review, My Way: The Good News Of The Year As Told By My Facebook Timeline, Until I Got Bored And Didn’t Finish The Rest Of The Year

05/18/17: of course I got bored, distracted, or whatever and didn’t finish this, but it was a fun six-month update. I am gonna leave this up as an incomplete piece, but I’ve combined 6 posts into one, and I’m hiding the entirety of it behind a cut tag, because it’s long as hell. Enjoy!

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Some things that have happened since I last posted here in any meaningful way.

(This is an incomplete list, with no regard to chronological order.)

1. My father died. Kinda makes the whole Father’s Day post which was my last post of any length here…I don’t know, but it makes it something.

2. I was nearly killed in a car accident. Now, by saying “nearly killed”, I’m probably being a bit melodramatic. I sustained no injuries more serious than a concussion. (There’s no such thing as a “mild concussion”, but as the ones I’ve had go, it wasn’t that outwardly serious.) However, my car (which is no more, and which will cost a few grand to replace with anything not duct-taped together) was hit by a Hummer travelling about 35 MPH by my estimate, my gas tank was very seriously breached (thankfully, the gas station was to be my next stop, so I may have dodged a bullet just by that), and, again, the fact that I can talk about “the concussions I’ve had” (probably 4 or 5 before this, 2 diagnosed and treated as such) makes every head injury I get more serious than the previous one. I’m feeling a little better, but 10 days later, I’m not myself yet.

3. I spent some time in western Massachusetts. I liked it there, and I’m told that my visit helped someone, but I would probably freeze my ass off if I lived up there.

4. I saw King Diamond. TRIUMPHANT.

5. I probably did some other things, too, but fuck it.

A Thought

All I can do is try to be less of an asshole in this moment than I was in the last, and plan to be less of one in the next.

So, Father’s Day.

If you’re lucky enough to have a good dad, enjoy and appreciate him, and wish him a happy Father’s Day, not just from yourself, but also from your weird friend on the Internet who wrote this.

If you’re someone who had a good dad and lost ’em, take time to remember, appreciate and enjoy the memories of the guy he was.

If you are a dad, be a good dad, and thank you for doing so.

If you or other folks think you’ve been slacking off in the dad department, please work on that some.

Us kids aren’t going to wait around forever while you try to figure out how to be a dad.

If you’re having a hard time being a good dad or a dad at all (either with currently existing kids or without ’em) and you truly want to be one, keep at it.

If you’re not a dad and aren’t what we’d call traditionally in line for the job, but you see an opportunity to fill that void in someone’s life without being a pompous ass, fill it, fill it admirably, and thank you for doing so.

If you got kinda robbed in the dad department for whatever reason, take a minute to think about the folks in your lives who’ve filled the “dad” role admirably, no matter who they are (mom, uncle, aunt, sibling, grandparent, teacher, boss, friend, random asshole in bar, whoever), and if you have the opportunity to do so, thank them and wish them a happy Father’s Day. If they look at you weird, tell them not to be so fucking 20th century, and then wish ’em a happy Father’s Day again.