Monthly Archives: February 2014

Ticket Stubs

They live here now.

That which worked there does not work here. So, what works here?

Kept coming over to this site after Friday and seeing a post familiar to those who visited my past life. Decided that it just didn’t look right here. Different site, different times, different purposes. So, I ditched it. Not a common move for me on any of my sites, but it felt like the thing to do. That can stay on the other site. I’ll make it easy to find.

I feel like I should be writing more and adding more and developing more here, though. I’ve got ideas, I’ve got a huge backlog of Things and I’ve got the time and space. What do those of you who know me (and, fuck it, those who don’t) think this site is currently missing? Pictures? More history? More present-day? Let me know.