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Some More Housecleaning On A Site No One Reads: New Links Section And More

Yes, we’re partying like it’s 1996 around here.

I made a Links page. It’s sparse at the moment, but I’m still trying to establish what’s ending up there, as I’m thinking of it in more “permanent collection” terms than ephemeral ones, at least at the moment. I like making sure people have seen the good shit, though, so I was inclined to do this, and it’ll likely be an ongoing work in progress for the remainder of this site’s time on Earth or wherever.

In other “news”, I’ve made some changes to the menus here. I’m not putting enough in The Book to justify it being in the main menu, so it’s moved to the Museum section.

I also changed “Other Sites” to “My Other Sites“, because, with the Links section around, it makes sense to avoid confusion.

This is all quite thrilling to the three of you who read this site, I’m sure.

Some movies I’ve watched lately

A few quick reviews:

Love And Mercy: Really, really good. Watch it if you’re a Beach Boys fan, watch it if you like music movies, watch it if you’re a musician who had a breakdown of your own, or watch it if you just like good movies. It works on all of those fronts and more.

I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore: This just got released straight-ish to Netflix. Melanie Lynskey! David Yow! WHO! WILL! WIN? Pacing could’ve been a little better on it, but I’ll watch Melanie Lynskey in pretty much anything. Really, I need to see more of her stuff.

Bad Santa 2: Y’know, it certainly had its moments, and was better than I expected it to be, but something about it felt hollow. Terry Zwigoff directed the first one with so much heart, and this tried to echo that, but didn’t get there.

The One And Only: I’d completely forgotten this movie existed, until I found mention of it during one of my late-night “fall down the Wikipedia pages about pro wrestlers rabbit hole” sessions. Movie’s both ahead of its time and cringeworthy in parts in the present day (I’m finding that a lot of movies from all eras run into that unless they had a really forward-thinking script doctor), but Henry Winkler’s great in it (not exactly a surprise, he’s great in pretty much anything), Hervé Villechaize has some really great comedy chops that I wish we’d gotten to see more of in general, and it’s a pretty cool period piece (not just as a 1950s period piece, but as a “1950s as filtered through the 1970s” period piece).

The Usual Suspects: Seeing this for the first time in 2017 was almost a formality, like “OK, fine.” Wasn’t bad. Owed both Hitchcock and DePalma a living, though.

The Witch: What the fuck is wrong with white people?


Thought I’m having right now, a question that doesn’t have an answer yet: if I had to prioritize the things I want to do with the rest of my life, and could only choose one single thing that is so important that I will feel like I blew it if I didn’t get it done, what would it be?

Has to be something currently achievable and can’t be a “live forever/infinite wishes” cop-out.

If I had an answer, I’d probably keep quiet about it, but I don’t have an answer and I probably should.

Critics, man.

After spending yesterday morning reading the Wikipedia entries for all of Bowie’s studio albums from “Young Americans” onward, for now on, whenever I do anything, and I do mean anything, I want people to refer to it as “his best since ‘Scary Monsters'”.


Doing some site cleanup, optimizing some things, and bringing over some of my work from other, earlier web sites. Right now, focusing on building The Interviews, which will be taking up residence in my Museum section for at least the time being (if I do new interviews at any point, I’ll reconsider that), but more’s on the way, and though you’ve all heard this a billion times before, new posts of some substance are on their way. Stay tuned.