Monthly Archives: January 2017

Thought I’m having right now, a question that doesn’t have an answer yet: if I had to prioritize the things I want to do with the rest of my life, and could only choose one single thing that is so important that I will feel like I blew it if I didn’t get it done, what would it be?

Has to be something currently achievable and can’t be a “live forever/infinite wishes” cop-out.

If I had an answer, I’d probably keep quiet about it, but I don’t have an answer and I probably should.

Critics, man.

After spending yesterday morning reading the Wikipedia entries for all of Bowie’s studio albums from “Young Americans” onward, for now on, whenever I do anything, and I do mean anything, I want people to refer to it as “his best since ‘Scary Monsters'”.


Doing some site cleanup, optimizing some things, and bringing over some of my work from other, earlier web sites. Right now, focusing on building The Interviews, which will be taking up residence in my Museum section for at least the time being (if I do new interviews at any point, I’ll reconsider that), but more’s on the way, and though you’ve all heard this a billion times before, new posts of some substance are on their way. Stay tuned.