Another long day in a strange world where not much is going right.

The residents of my house have been a hopefully safe distance away from other human beings for 14 and a half days at this point, and we’ve been in the house for nearly all of it. We’re due for more supplies and a walk soon. Please wish us luck with all of that.
I did get to wave hello to a friendly face through a window (the first familiar person outside of my household that I’ve seen in two weeks) that dropped by and delivered what could be the last new hard copy comic books I ever see from the major comics publishers. I do hope that everything goes well for my intrepid comic book delivery person and their store, as it’s never easy to own a comic book shop, but right now, it is extremely hard.

Two people I’ve met and been a friendly acquaintance of, at various points in my life, have tested positive for COVID-19 so far. One of those people feels OK so far. The other has been pretty sick, and has been radio silent for just over 24 hours. I’m worried about both of them, but I’m pretty freaked out about the situation with the latter of the two, and am hoping they’re just getting a LOT of rest.

Two more undoubtedly have or had the virus, but can’t get tests where they are (2 different countries). One seems to be on the mend, but the other thought that they were also on the mend, and then got sick again, so even if you think you have this and start to feel better, please give it way more time than you think you’ll need, if it’s at all humanly possible.

It hasn’t all been rough news like this in my circles. I know that so many of us are absolutely craving some tiny bit of good news right now, but unfortunately, for the moment, especially as it’s still so new and so touch and go, I have to sit on the success stories I know about, and hope that they remain success stories.

I know that I’ve already asked you for luck once in this short piece, but in all of these other cases, along with my household’s, whatever you do for people when you’re hoping their stories will turn out OK, whether it’s prayer, crossing fingers, lighting a candle, or other stuff…I am not personally a believer, but if you could do your thing anyway, I’d still appreciate the sentiment. I’d give you names, as I know that can be a thing in these practices, but I’d like to protect their privacy, as these are sensitive matters. If “Scott’s friends” will get them through the door here, feel free to use that. I’m sure there are a lot of people asking you for this, and plenty more that you’re voluntarily doing it for without having to be asked, but I still have to ask because I, like any of you with a brain and a heart, want my people to be OK. You don’t have to tell me if you do it. Just know that I appreciate it, and that I hope your stories turn out OK, as well.

More of this as things unfold, and I’m able.

4 thoughts on “Another long day in a strange world where not much is going right.

  1. Bonnie Sinnock says:

    I am doing as you say – best to you and all your people and I hope you will do the same for mine. Knock on wood, hanging in immediately here

  2. Bonnie Sinnock says:

    (for clarification we are all at the moment OK here, hoping it stays that way)

  3. Anthony DiGrigoli says:

    You got it Scott. Be well and glad you are still safe. Peace.

  4. Emma Louise says:

    as always much love to all of you and your loved ones and friends and basically everyone and to all your incredibly brave trips outside and successful deliveries of food…………… ex hubby got it…..he was on day 11 yesterday and said whatever you can do DO YOUR UTMOST to avoid getting this virus as it is no joke, he couldn’t move for 11 days and only on day 11 could he say he felt his body and slightly better. Which is good news.

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