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In which our hero discusses productivity


I did some unholy shit to my to-do list today.

The kinda shit that mostly only happens in really screwed up manga that your 12 year old cousin reads.

It was like THAT.

And I’m not done yet.

See, I’m posting about this here, rather on some rat fuck Big Social site (yeah, they’ll get a link to it and maybe a preview that doesn’t look like shit, but the GOLD, that’s just for here), in the interest of not giving those assholes who run those things so much of my life energy, and maybe starting to build something lasting here, where y’all can hang out, read, comment, communicate with each other, that kinda shit. I’ve only got a few of you commenting so far, and if I’m lucky, I might add a few more on this post (email me to apply for a commenting account, as I can’t let just anyone in on the 2019 Internet), but 1 or 2 would be a victory, and the more times I post, and the more times I put this request out, the better chance we have of starting to build a community without Zuckerberg, Dorsey, or whatever motherfuckers run Discord up in our shit. Let’s do something fun.

And seriously.

My to-do list.


Fucking thing totally didn’t see it coming.

It was like the monster at the end of this book was really that shit from Watchmen, and it decided to form a Deicide tribute band or something.

Running a first proper test on members-only posts…

If all goes well, only members should see this. If it doesn’t, then all of you should be able to. Also: no idea if email subscribers will see a notification for this post, but if they do, I’ll likely make this public shortly after the test.

Update: this should be publicly visible now, so if you can read this without logging in, don’t sweat it, nothing’s broken. Yes, from the test, it restricts the body of the post from viewership. Yes, it also sends out a subscription notification (and it would be nice to have more granular control over which posts do and don’t get emails sent out for them, but hey). No, it doesn’t cover up the title of the post, which is kind of not really ideal.

Still poking at this sort of thing.

In the meantime, if you’d like a user account here for when I do start using this feature or a similar one (note: requests do not guarantee a user account, which I reserve the right to refuse or revoke at any time for any reason), email me and if you qualify, I’ll see about getting you set up.

“Huh-huh, he said ‘member’. Huh-huh, huh-huh…”

Soon, there will be members-only posts here (not all of ’em, but some) that you’ll need to be logged into an account to see.

If you’re a person who thinks you have a reasonable claim to having a account here, let me know (no rush on this, unless you’d like to help me test software, pretty much…this is looking like a Q1 2019 thing, where it’ll be a regular happening), and we’ll talk about it.

Gallery: Burritos, 2015-Present

After years of planning, the Burritos, 2015-Present gallery is now open on this website. Enjoy.

Addendum To My Potato Salad Post, And Some Other Updates

This was me IRL when I realized exactly how easy it was to make decent potato salad, and that I’d been freed from the shackles of Corporate Potato Salad forever…

(Best experienced for these purposes from 2:23 on, as the link intended…)

I’d been meaning to post this basically since I thought of it, but life (and a flu that beat the flu shot and still hasn’t entirely quit, but is getting there) got in the way.

In other news…

I’ve been banging on the code behind the scenes here, so when I post, some of you may get emails that do not end up going to your spam folders or getting blocked outright. We’ll know when this post goes up if any of it works. Basically, if you’re on the mailing list and you actually get an email that isn’t in your Spam folder when it arrives, comment here, and I’ll know I done good. Actually, even if it does show up in Spam, useful information for me to have, so let me know on that as well if you can. Thanks in advance for that. I appreciate the work that the early adopters to the email subscription setup have done to help me kick the tires.

Watched all of The End Of The Fucking World, and then watched it again while I was super-sick so it was kinda hazy and weird and cold mediciney. Enjoyed the hell out of it both times. I’m not exactly new to the material, though…

I got the first 7 of these when I was in California in 2012, and ordered the rest from Chuck Forsman as they came out. Re-read them all recently, before watching the show, when a new printing of the collected edition came out (I missed the first printing of it). Really happy that he’s got a hit on his hands. If you liked TEOTFW, check out his other stuff, especially his recent I Am Not Okay With This, which is in the same vein.

I’ve also been playing a lot of Skyrim (a well-spent $5, in spite of its various problems), listening to as much music as I can (I’ve posted evidence of this recently, and I’ll be closing this post with just a bit more), trying to free myself from the shackles of Big Social now that I’ve beaten Corporate Potato Salad (I’ve spent a lot less time on the big two sites lately, thankfully), and just tryin’ to survive and stay entertained/distracted without being too numb or too disengaged from the world, or too consumed by the hyper-awareness that it’s burning (with little I can do as an individual right now to stop it from burning). Hopefully, I’m doing right by myself and others in the process.

I promised y’all more music to wrap up, and here’s my friend Andrew W.K. with that music. It’s called “Music Is Worth Living For”, and it’s the first single from his new album “You’re Not Alone”, which is due out March 2nd if memory serves.

I think that brings us up to speed.