“Considered writing novels…I thought hard about this career…”

I’m attempting to decide what to fill this space with for the forseeable future.

Right now, I’m working on some of the more traditionally static sections of websites in general, as they apply to this site, things like photo galleries, links, the “About” page, my résumé, and so forth, but eventually, I’m going to need to decide what to write about here, and how often to do it. Input would certainly help, if any of you happen to be reading this and wish to contribute opinions.

In the places where a lot of my recent output has gone (lazily, I may add; I never should’ve stopped writing in my own venue, and you shouldn’t have, either, if you did), a great deal of it’s either been oversharing about my state of mind, metacommentary about the platforms I use to communicate and how I choose to use them (this post would fall under that banner, and I’m really trying to move away from writing on the website about the website, so to speak, to the point where I’ve deleted most, if not all of the prior posts on here where I’ve done it), or what we’ll politely describe as “water cooler talk” (current events, short reviews of various types of art, that sort of thing). I also just sunsetted a very long running website, and in the process, realized that 13 years of work was almost entirely ephemeral (most writing, even the good stuff, is, but this was moreso than usual), so I’m looking to avoid that.

It’s probably an admittedly privileged perspective, as well, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve had less and less desire to spend significant time writing negative things, particularly about art I don’t care for (years ago, it became far more exciting for me to tell you about things I love), but also branching out some into even perfectly reasonable negativity about the state of the world. We all know that the state of the world sucks right now, correct? We also know that terrible people are pretty much always hard at work on fucking things up for the rest of us, yeah? OK, we’ve covered that, then. If there are things we can realistically do about it, in smaller and larger ways, I may mention those, but otherwise, it’s just not where I wanna live at the moment. Smarter and more learned people than myself (there are a few in the links; Sarah Kendzior and Bruce Schneier come to mind, off the top of my head) are hard at work on keeping us aware of our surroundings, anyway, and I hope that you’ll support them, as well as supporting me.

I am rarely short of things to write about within the confines of my hobbies, but I have another site for those purposes.

I also have a rather huge backlog of stories to contribute to The Book, but the process of getting those from text files and chat logs and so forth to being in usable condition for here (and potentially elsewhere someday) requires a ton of organizing, reading and editing that I probably can’t start until next winter.

That leaves me with months to fill, and while I’ve gone over 10 months between posts here before, I never want to do that again for as long as I live.

If you’re listening, tell me what you’d like me to share with you, and I’ll do my best to oblige or at least consider the request.