I have over a year’s backlog on Discover Weekly now.

If I kept it running for just under 8 days, 5 hours and 2 minutes at 16 hours a day, I could get through it.

I’m not going to do that, though.

I could also go through 1,747 tracks and weed out all of the ones I’ve spent my previous 43 1/2 years “discovering”, as well as all of the ones I never want to hear again and/or know I don’t want to hear in the first place because my dislike for the artist is that concrete at this point in my life, which would shrink it a bunch, but there are undoubtedly songs in there that I’d wanna hear again and/or give a fresh listen to in at least the first (already heard) category.

I’ll get through it, but it went from being fun to being a chore in a hurry (I think because I don’t really have as much “captive audience” time anymore, in either the car or at a place like a gym, and am rarely in one room able to devote my brain to just listening for 2 hour chunks), and kinda stayed there.

Advice from Spotify to someone who used to make both 90 minute and 120 minute mix tapes for people: it’s really hard to keep people interested past the 90 minute mark, no matter how brilliant you think your damn fool “storytelling” is in said mix tape.

Really, they probably should’ve gone 20 songs/80 minutes/recordable CD-sized, in hindsight. Less “discovery”, yes, but also a lot less work and, with great algorithms, more bang-for-the-buck, too.