“Heat” (Soft Cell cover) by Scott Crawford

Heat: 320K MP3 | WAV

About the song: rather amazingly, I’d never heard it until I saw Marc Almond play it live in late 1999. Soft Cell’s original version lacked guitars. Marc’s solo band had Neal X from Sigue Sigue Sputnik on guitars, and though my memory is occasionally foggy on these things, I remember him playing the hell out of this, adding a really strong element to an already great song that wasn’t there initially. So, at some point, I think in 2006, I sat down and programmed it, then recorded the vocals. It took me a few months to get around to recording guitars (by Kage Hopkins), and there are probably copies of this song still floating around without the guitars on them, because I believe it was downloadable on MySpace that way at one point. This has been performed live at least once, and is the song I remember feeling strongest on during my last full show at the end of ’06, where I kinda had a breakdown onstage. But enough about that! If you’re interested in the lyrics, they can be found here, and I also heartily recommend investigating the original version of the song (which is on their “The Art Of Falling Apart” album; the whole album’s great, get it!), because Soft Cell were and are brilliant.

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