“New Song” by Scott Crawford

New Song: 128k MP3

About the song: it was programmed, performed (yes, the filter twisting and the punch-ins/punch-outs were done live by me, for better or worse) and recorded entirely in ReBirth, which is a fun little free program if you’re running a machine that will still behave with it. It’s instrumental, and it was done, from what my disc cataloguer tells me, sometime between June 13-15, 2000. I labelled it “New Song” back then, and have never changed the title, even though it’s hardly new anymore, and has no attachment to any other song called “New Song”, whether by Howard Jones, The Who or anyone else who’s ever used the same title. Really a pretty simple, elementary track, but I can still listen to it over a decade later and not cringe, so I figured I’d share it with y’all. I believe I still have a functioning copy of the ReBirth file, so if there’s a ton of demand from audiophiles, I can attempt to re-record it at some point, but surprisingly enough, the 128k MP3 still sounds fresh, probably because sound never actually exited a digital environment. Enjoy, and if you end up making any music with ReBirth, share it with me!