2017 Music Keeps Showin’ Up…

Though I tried as I did, I missed a bunch. Here’s a few more releases from last year…

My friend Pete turned me onto Ball. They sound kinda like Black Sabbath, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and Riverbottom Nightmare Band decided to form a supergroup.

Found this one and the next via Discover Weekly. “When You’re Depressed” is Go-Kart Mozart’s first new track in 5 years, and I’ve apparently been living under a rock and didn’t even know Lawrence was still making music after he stopped doing Felt records.

Asger Techau’s “Stick In The Mud”, from his “Waves” EP, sounds like a missing track from The Fixx’s “Shuttered Room” album, which is a gorgeous thing to sound like. I knew nothing of him before I heard it, but apparently he’s been making music for a quarter century, both solo and with his band Kashmir, in Denmark. Never, ever, ever let anyone anywhere try to tell you that they’ve heard all the great music there is to hear. There is virtually no end to it if you just keep looking and listening.

I’m in love.

They’re so bad. They’re so good.

Addendum To My Potato Salad Post, And Some Other Updates

This was me IRL when I realized exactly how easy it was to make decent potato salad, and that I’d been freed from the shackles of Corporate Potato Salad forever…

(Best experienced for these purposes from 2:23 on, as the link intended…)

I’d been meaning to post this basically since I thought of it, but life (and a flu that beat the flu shot and still hasn’t entirely quit, but is getting there) got in the way.

In other news…

I’ve been banging on the code behind the scenes here, so when I post, some of you may get emails that do not end up going to your spam folders or getting blocked outright. We’ll know when this post goes up if any of it works. Basically, if you’re on the mailing list and you actually get an email that isn’t in your Spam folder when it arrives, comment here, and I’ll know I done good. Actually, even if it does show up in Spam, useful information for me to have, so let me know on that as well if you can. Thanks in advance for that. I appreciate the work that the early adopters to the email subscription setup have done to help me kick the tires.

Watched all of The End Of The Fucking World, and then watched it again while I was super-sick so it was kinda hazy and weird and cold mediciney. Enjoyed the hell out of it both times. I’m not exactly new to the material, though…

I got the first 7 of these when I was in California in 2012, and ordered the rest from Chuck Forsman as they came out. Re-read them all recently, before watching the show, when a new printing of the collected edition came out (I missed the first printing of it). Really happy that he’s got a hit on his hands. If you liked TEOTFW, check out his other stuff, especially his recent I Am Not Okay With This, which is in the same vein.

I’ve also been playing a lot of Skyrim (a well-spent $5, in spite of its various problems), listening to as much music as I can (I’ve posted evidence of this recently, and I’ll be closing this post with just a bit more), trying to free myself from the shackles of Big Social now that I’ve beaten Corporate Potato Salad (I’ve spent a lot less time on the big two sites lately, thankfully), and just tryin’ to survive and stay entertained/distracted without being too numb or too disengaged from the world, or too consumed by the hyper-awareness that it’s burning (with little I can do as an individual right now to stop it from burning). Hopefully, I’m doing right by myself and others in the process.

I promised y’all more music to wrap up, and here’s my friend Andrew W.K. with that music. It’s called “Music Is Worth Living For”, and it’s the first single from his new album “You’re Not Alone”, which is due out March 2nd if memory serves.

I think that brings us up to speed.

Alphaville’s “Strange Attractor”

I put a bunch of work into figuring out my favorite albums of 2017, but I’m like a week and a half into 2018 and I’ve found two now that I totally missed. “Strange Attractor” isn’t a perfect record or even a perfect Alphaville record by any means, but when it hits, it totally hits, and it’s great to hear Marian Gold still doing what he does.

Royal Thunder’s “WICK”

We’ll call this one the first of the ones that got away in 2017. I heard “April Showers” via Discover Weekly just after the first of the year, and I’m really enjoying that and the rest of the record.