“Puppet” by Scott Crawford

Puppet: 320k MP3 | WAV

by Scott Crawford

I’m a puppet
Pull my strings
Do you like the way I shake that thing?
Wanna take you for a little ride
Don’t you worry
I won’t come inside you

Everybody thinks I’m quite insane
Me, I think they’re rather inhumane
Watch the way they rip each other apart
It makes great television…but is it art?

Just like all the others, you will outgrow me
Always looking, like a fool, for what will set you free

Puppet in a pile of misfit toys
Fading signal in a sea of noise
Shards of my predecessors in my feet
Still expecting me to keep the beat

The show is over now
The laughter fades
It was an ugly little masquerade
No idea what tomorrow will bring
I want to follow you
Can’t cut my strings

When you close your eyes, and you look away
It may sound like “go to hell”, but I’m begging you to stay

I’m begging you to stay
I’m begging you to stay
I’m begging you to stay
Please don’t go away

Aw, c’mon, don’t you wanna play?

About the song: “Puppet” was written in May of 2006, over the course of about a week, maybe a week and a half. I know that it was done in 2 band practices, and performed for the first time about 5 days later. It’s been performed live a small handful of times, though I don’t think any live recordings exist. It’s probably my favorite of my songs thus far. I had Rozz Williams and Alice Cooper pretty firmly in mind when it started to take shape, though the big finish is kinda Brendan Perry. Not sure how I got from point A to point B there. Guitars were performed by Kage Hopkins. If you decide to donate based upon the merits this song, please say so in a note on your donation (there’s a box on the PayPal form), as not only will it give me an idea of what’s driving people to donate, but it’ll also remind me to kick some of it to Kage.