My Other Sites

(Or “An Incomplete List Of Some Of The Web Sites I Abandoned Before I Abandoned This One”)

I need new hobbies.

This is my newest albatross. I’m trying to expand my writing about my hobbies (as opposed to my writing about being a miserable bastard, which I do here)  a bit, widening it from the card site. I’d also like to use this site to sell off some of my belongings, as I have too many, and I ain’t gettin’ any younger. We’ll see how I do on all of these goals. So far, it’s been an awkward transition, as it’s hard to not just default to established legacy audiences (which is why so much of my other writing gets wasted on Facebook).

Scott Crawford On Cards!

From 2010-2017, I wrote about trading cards here. It was occasionally more riveting than it probably sounds to those of you who don’t collect trading cards. I’ve just recently begun sunsetting this site, as I’m merging it with I need new hobbies.

My Big, Black Cock.

I’ve retired this site, which was my grand albatross between September 2000 and January 2014. Before that, it existed as “scott crawford’s web.o.fucking.rama” (a swell name, but not quite as much of an eye-grabber), so we’re talking about something like 17 years of history, though a lot of the early shit is not currently online. I’ve done a lot of different things with it, but its time had come. I am no longer updating it, and after a few years of leaving it up as a cautionary tale, I’ve pulled down what was there (including the WordPress install that served as its infrastructure). I am slowly adding the best parts of My Big, Black Cock to this site, but truth be told, a lot of what was there was as ephemeral as it gets. Offer me a fuckton of money and I may sell you the domain.


Electronicon was a classic video game fan convention I ran in 1997. It was a mess, but a mess I’m still proud of in some ways, especially as I’ve watched the success of similar conventions worldwide from what’s mostly been a polite distance. The site for the convention was down forever, but, as the 20th anniversary of the convention’s approaching, I decided to dig it out of the mothballs, cleaned up the code a little, and put it in the Museum section. (No, I’ve no plans of doing another convention at present.)