“Something True” by Scott Crawford

Something True: 320k MP3 | WAV

As a bonus, here’s the “slow” version of Something True, recorded live at The Overnightscape on December 29th, 2005. Thanks again to Frank Edward Nora and his lovely wife Denice for having me by the studio, and for providing us with this clip. (This one may sound less-than-320, as I’m pretty sure we transcoded it from a lower bitrate, and it was also recorded rather quickly without overdubs. There’s a weird static to it, but I find it charming.)

Something True (live at The Overnightscape): 320k MP3

Something True

Music and lyrics by Scott Crawford

well I’m nearing the edge
and I don’t know what the fuck to do
‘cuz all I want is something true
just a sign this old man isn’t through

but I’m bored with everything
I don’t know what to sing
I haven’t got the game to bring
would you set fire to my broken wings

spinning heads and flashing lights
will this be like every night
breaking me down and destroying my faith
do good things come to those who wait

now I’m down on my hands and knees
my heart’s pissing razor blades
wasn’t I supposed to have it made by now
all my wildest dreams betrayed

still I scratch and I claw and I bleed
my spirit is black and blue
as I dig through the wreckage for something true
and I wanna believe that I’m lookin’ for you

something true
do I want you
are we through
is it true
tell you what I want

I want nothing
I want something true
I’m having trouble separating the two
and I came and I saw and I came again
I got too much time on my hands

I’ve got nothing
to offer you
nothing else but something true
but if you’ve got the strength to believe what I say
then I’ll bring you the world at your feet every day

About the song: the bulk of the lyrics were originally ad-libbed by me over the top of some other music done by a band I auditioned for. Yeah, that all kind of came out because I had no idea what to sing, and I even said so in the song. The band complained that they couldn’t hear what I was saying, they went in a different direction singer-wise, we had a lovely dinner afterward and I thankfully remembered virtually all of what I sang long enough to make this. This recording sounds fuller than it has any right to, considering that it consists solely of one vocal track, 1 piano track, a bassline and a snare drum. Couldn’t you swear that there’s more going on there drumwise? Me too, and I made it. Go figure. I came up with the “slow” version of the song about a year later, and both will be on “babykiller.” I’ve performed both live in front of audiences, but mostly the original, fast version. Typically, I sing the second to last line differently live, though. I sing it as: “but if you can believe…all the things I say”, because damn it, what I wrote originally is a mouthful, and I end the slow version with “then I’ll give you the world…I’ll give you the world…”