Still here.

34 days since my household started trying our level best to stay the hell on our property, with varying degrees of success.

Still haven’t read that last batch of comic books yet. Soon.

One friend who tested positive for COVID-19 is recovered now, though they had a hell of a time with it. Another is still in a relatively bad way with it, but they’re fighting like hell, and hopefully, they’re gonna beat this thing. Another friend who wasn’t able to get a test, but more than likely had it has recovered. Beyond that, as far as I know, anyway (I’m not hearing from some people in some serious hot zones), it’s this mix of “OK” and “people who were or are sick with something over the past few months that may or may not have been it”. I’d still call it all pretty early on in the process, and every time anyone leaves the house is a significant risk, but my people, best as I can tell are hanging in there so far.

Thanks for any crossing of fingers and whatnot that you may have done.

More soon, ideally sooner than my last update. I hope you’re all well or getting there, and I hope you all stay safe.

4 thoughts on “Still here.

  1. Steven Ben says:

    Everything is going as expected up here.
    Keeping my head down and keeping the knees and elbows pumping. More time for on line learning. Listening to a few more albums as of late. Even got a video game in.
    Missing hanging out with people and random trips to where ever, but right now its better to stay home and appreciate everything here.
    Everyone we mutually know are doing well as far as I have heard.
    Keep safe.

    • Glad to hear things are steady up there, and you too with the keeping safe bit.

      What game were you playing? I have a few to get back to here, just gotta get my attention span to cooperate.

      • Steven Ben says:

        Just got around to reading this sorry.
        Playing Outer Worlds. Finished it actually. Going to try Jedi Fallen Order next. Too may project, not enough time.

        • Heard good things about Outer Worlds, might be a “next winter” game for me, as I’ll probably need another long game by then, if I get myself caught up on all the crazy shit they’re putting in No Man’s Sky.

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