“The Scott Crawford Show” by Scott Crawford

The Scott Crawford Show: 320k MP3 | WAV

The Scott Crawford Show
Music and lyrics by Scott Crawford

I’d like to welcome you
the strangers and the ones I know
get closer to the stage
there’s nowhere else to go
the planets are aligned
we’ve finally sunk this low
you’ve waited years for this
it’s time now for The Scott Crawford Show

forget your conscience, girl
relax and let it flow
you’ll be more comfortable
once you take off your clothes
this is my universe
and I’ve wrapped it all up in a bow
just stare at the stars on the ceiling
they’re part of The Scott Crawford Show

so now you know the score
the ducks are in a row
you’d better stand back, folks
‘cuz she’s about to blow
is he for real or is he kidding
I don’t even think he knows
pathetic spectacle
oh man, I love The Scott Crawford Show

About the song: of any of the recordings I’ve released to the public, this is probably my least favorite. No, I’m not fishing for compliments, I know some folks definitely like this track (Geoff Precious being one fan for sure), but to me, this one sounds the least finished. The drums are barely there, the keyboards are kinda phoned in on the first verse without anything terribly interesting (to me, anyway) going on, and the whole thing sounds more demo-ish to me than the rest of these, well, demos. I’m also not in love with all the lyrics, and a line or two may fall prey to revisionist history at some later date if I feel like doing something with them. I will confess that I’m quite happy with the instrumental breaks between chorus and verses, but that’s about it. I’ll stop bitching about something that I’m putting out there for you to enjoy now, and tell you a little more about the song. At some point after my first solo show, in a really, really bad state of mind (in part because of my first solo show, but that’s another story for another day), I decided that it’d be amusing to have a theme song, in a gallows humor sort of way. It ended up meshing with a tune that’d been kinda floating around in my head which was my brain’s 5227596028748593th feeble attempt at channelling Ultra Vivid Scene, and this was the end result. It’s been played at all of the solo shows since. I still think it needs work, but I’ll let you be the judge from here out. Guitars were played by Kage Hopkins. As he worked on this, if you donate and want part of your donation to go to him, let me know.