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The Interviews: Kerry King of Slayer, 09/29/03

“Don’t hold back, Kerry. Tell us how you REALLY feel.” (Photo courtesy of American Recordings)

So, on the “journalism career highlights” list, yes, interviewing Slayer guitarist Kerry King would be pretty high up there.

The opportunity presented itself when a music magazine called No Cover were looking for writers. I suggested a few feature ideas for them at the time, and one of them synced up perfectly with their plans, as they were doing a co-promotion deal with the Jagermeister Music Tour, which Slayer were about to headline, so Slayer were getting the cover of the next No Cover, as it were. Kerry was the member of the band available for press at the time, and he was pretty easygoing, so we spent a while on the phone. We talked about a bunch of different topics, as they had the tour happening, had just released their “War At The Warfield” DVD, and were also finishing up work on their “Soundtrack To The Apocalypse” box set around that time. We talked about all of those for the feature we did for the magazine (which I will try to make a scan of soon, hopefully with No Cover’s blessing, or at least their benign indifference; thanks go out to No Cover, by the way, for making this possible in the first place…), but I had a whole lot of Slayer left over when I’d fulfilled my word count obligation to the magazine, and it was pretty solid, fun stuff, so it went to my old web site as one of the first features of our 2003 relaunch. (Yes, My Big, Black Cock had a pretty spectacular Fall of 2003, with Slayer, Andrew W.K., Devin Townsend, Cathedral and several others doing interviews with my other staffers at the time and I.) For your perusal now, once again, I present Kerry King and I touching on what it’s like to be in Slayer, his influences, the band’s creative process, touring, and yeah, we kinda spent a minute making fun of Metallica, too. (I have wondered, over the years, whether or not he caught any shit for that from Metallica when they had the meetings to put together the Big Four tour.)

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The Interviews: Andrew W.K., 09/12/13

(Photo Credit: Roe Ethridge)

On September 12th, 2003, I had the privilege of doing one of the most incredible interviews I’ve ever been a part of, heard, seen, or read. Andrew W.K. took over an hour out of his busy schedule of PARTYING HARD to talk to me for my old web site. This was a HUGE interview, and initially, I spread it out over 5 parts, just because it was a ton of transcription, but for the purposes of republishing now, we can do it all in one go, all 10,759 words of it. We begin with Andrew’s and my musings over the loss of two legends…

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