Monthly Archives: November 2014

Some things that have happened since I last posted here in any meaningful way.

(This is an incomplete list, with no regard to chronological order.)

1. My father died. Kinda makes the whole Father’s Day post which was my last post of any length here…I don’t know, but it makes it something.

2. I was nearly killed in a car accident. Now, by saying “nearly killed”, I’m probably being a bit melodramatic. I sustained no injuries more serious than a concussion. (There’s no such thing as a “mild concussion”, but as the ones I’ve had go, it wasn’t that outwardly serious.) However, my car (which is no more, and which will cost a few grand to replace with anything not duct-taped together) was hit by a Hummer travelling about 35 MPH by my estimate, my gas tank was very seriously breached (thankfully, the gas station was to be my next stop, so I may have dodged a bullet just by that), and, again, the fact that I can talk about “the concussions I’ve had” (probably 4 or 5 before this, 2 diagnosed and treated as such) makes every head injury I get more serious than the previous one. I’m feeling a little better, but 10 days later, I’m not myself yet.

3. I spent some time in western Massachusetts. I liked it there, and I’m told that my visit helped someone, but I would probably freeze my ass off if I lived up there.

4. I saw King Diamond. TRIUMPHANT.

5. I probably did some other things, too, but fuck it.