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New Year’s Eve 2014

I’m sitting on a train, just pulled out of the station, headed out to spend the night with new friends, and I have some time to reflect on this year, because, hey, we’ve really enjoyed 2014, haven’t we?

Actually, I don’t think we have, so I’ll keep that part short.

I did make some new friends, and I’m grateful for them.

I spent time with some old friends, too, and that’s always good.

I saw some new places, a few of which I’m grateful for, and the rest of which were in the South.

I almost died, but I’m OK. My car, not so much.

Some people didn’t make it, though, and that’s a bummer. I hope they’re at peace.

I saw some concerts!

I got some bubble gum cards.

I watched a revolution or two begin, and I hope they get somewhere good, for a change.

I turned 40.

And, tonight, I “celebrate” the 25th anniversary of the beginning of my career in drinking by not drinking for the 16th consecutive year. The apartment I started in isn’t physically there anymore, but I still am. In some moments, I still feel like the 15 year old who walked into that place. In others, I feel, well, 40 or older. I thought the hangovers would end when the drinking did. Guess not.

In 2015, I will try to get into shape (and maybe succeed), I will work on my poor impulse control (and yes, someone who quit drinking 16 years ago can still have a long road ahead of them on that), I will try to stop insulting locusts by referring to humans in general and Americans in particular as locusts, and I will try to finish creating something of intrinsic value, anything, because this year, all I finished were baseball card sets, and I didn’t create those. Will I do any of what I’m trying for here? That’s anyone’s guess.

Happy New Year, and may next year be much better than this year was.

January-June 2014 In Review, My Way: The Good News Of The Year As Told By My Facebook Timeline, Until I Got Bored And Didn’t Finish The Rest Of The Year

05/18/17: of course I got bored, distracted, or whatever and didn’t finish this, but it was a fun six-month update. I am gonna leave this up as an incomplete piece, but I’ve combined 6 posts into one, and I’m hiding the entirety of it behind a cut tag, because it’s long as hell. Enjoy!

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