Contact Information, Or, As I Used To Call It, “HOLLA”.

Updated 02/04/20: taking things out of the mix here that aren’t getting used (I use Mastodon to talk to a very small handful of people, and don’t trust its developer; I’ve left Facebook), and updating the things that are (I’m working on some other things).

In addition to this site, there are a lot of other ways to contact and stay in contact with me. Too many, some might say. Here are the ones I generally make available to people:

Subscribe to my posts via email:

(Your email address will not be shared. For reals.)

Email: I have other email addresses, but this is the one I recommend that people use for starters. And, seriously? Email me. I like email. I’ll email you, too.

Facebook: account deleted January 20th, 2020.

Instagram: I’m also not providing this link here any longer, and haven’t for a while, because I repurposed the account for another use initially. In a few months, as soon as I’m in steady contact with the people there who I like, and only know from there, I’m likely bailing anyway.

Mastodon: I use this platform to keep in touch with like a half-dozen people at this point, none of whom are happy with it. Actively seeking Mastodon alternatives at the moment.

Hellbirb Twitter: @scottcrawford (Once I’ve gotten comfortable in the post-Facebook days, this is going, too. I’m here, though, for the time being.)

Discord: I have a Discord server. Eventually, it will be moved to another platform, as well, but it’s here for now. If you have no idea what a Discord server is, and don’t feel like clicking a link to find out, it’s a chatroom. If you’ve ever used IRC or an AOL chatroom, you’re familiar. Invitations are available upon request, though I’m really careful about who I invite, because, while I love plenty of y’all, not everyone gets along great together. Email me if you’re interested in one.

Spotify: Scott Crawford (I make playlists here sometimes.)

Mixcloud: Scott Crawford (I post DJ mixes here sometimes, though it’s been a while.)

Amazon Wish List: Scott Crawford (Yeah, I feel a way about Bezos, too, but I’m on a fixed income and there really isn’t a non-scumbag corporation that I’m aware of who are selling things at affordable prices, with decent wish list functionality. Your beef is with vulture capitalism, not me. In the meantime, I buy local when I can, but I need and occasionally just like stuff, like most folks.)

RSS feed for this site:

Here’s a quick primer on how RSS works (it does still work, and is still incredibly useful), and its history. If you need any additional help figuring out how to use RSS, beyond that, please, email me, and we’ll talk about it.