Contact Information, Or, As I Used To Call It, “HOLLA”.

(Updated 10/05/2020: I left Facebook. Aside from maybe, eventually going back to full-on delete it again, don’t let me go back, y’all.)

In addition to this site, there are a lot of other ways to contact and stay in contact with me. Too many, some might say. Here are the ones I generally make available to people:

Subscribe to my posts via email:


(Your email address will not be shared. For reals.)

Substack: Just to make things super confusing, I’ve opened up another email list (unrelated to the one right above this where I tell you if I’ve made a new post) where I post the kinds of things I really should be posting here, and what’s even better about it is that you can’t sign up for it on your own! I am a genius. If you wish to have access to it, email me and ask, and I’ll set you up with a (free) subscription. And, yes, there’s where this gets even more brilliant: despite Substack being set up for creators to theoretically get paid, and pushing paid subscriptions, my list there is totally free and will remain that way until they kick me out.

Email: I have other email addresses, but this is the one I recommend that people use for starters. And, seriously? Email me. I like email. I’ll email you, too.

Signal: I use Signal extensively, and it’s one of my first choices for communication, but we’re going to have to get to know each other better before you learn how to contact me there.

Discord: I have a Discord server, and visit a few others, though I keep my identity and use of this stuff private. Eventually, it will be moved to another platform, as well, but it’s here for now. If you have no idea what a Discord server is, and don’t feel like clicking a link to find out, it’s a chatroom. If you’ve ever used IRC or an AOL chatroom, you’re familiar. Invitations are available upon request, though I’m really careful about who I invite, because, while I love plenty of y’all, not everyone gets along great together. Email me if you’re interested in one.

Spotify: Scott Crawford (I make playlists here sometimes.)

Twitch: theghostatnumberone (Sometimes I play music here, listen to other people playing music, or watch Lucha Libre AAA or Mister Rogers.)

Hellbirb Twitter: @scottcrawford (Once I’ve gotten comfortable in the post-Facebook days, this is going, too. I’m here, though, for the time being, if barely using the site compared to my peak usage.)

Facebook: I left Facebook on October 5th, 2020. My account is still there this time, at least for a while, if only to point people to this page. Aside from maybe, eventually going back to full-on delete it again, don’t let me go back, y’all.

Mixcloud: Scott Crawford (I post DJ mixes here sometimes, though it’s been a while.)

Second Life: I am in Second Life, and as mentioned elsewhere on this site, I own a club called Heck. With that said, I typically don’t give out my username in public-facing places. Gotta make this stuff a little difficult for y’all. If you go to Heck (and I certainly have), you’ll find me sooner or later.

RSS feed for this website:

Here’s a quick primer on how RSS works (it does still work, and is still incredibly useful), and its history. If you need any additional help figuring out how to use RSS, beyond that, please, email me, and we’ll talk about it.