Yeah, I said “Holla”. Fuck you, too.

In addition to this site, there are a lot of other ways to contact and stay in contact with me. Too many, some might say. Here are the ones I generally make available to people:

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Hellbirb Twitter: @scottcrawford (The exodus is beginning.)

Facebook: Scott Crawford (The exodus is beginning here, too.)

Instagram: sssdddccc (And probably here, as well. I mostly post pictures of weird shit I find at flea markets, and pictures of remarkably similar looking burritos here, but I’m going to start steering those here. I don’t end up hanging out on Instagram very often, nor do I interact with people there on the regular, though I did help a longtime regular of a leather bar buy an old poster from said leather bar there kind of recently. That was fun. This one’s on a short leash, but I’m going to see how well moving people here goes.)

Mastodon: @scottcrawford (It’s turned into a trash fire, because people still inhabit it, and people turn things into trash fires. I am still here for now, though I can’t recommend adoption for others. For more on Mastodon and how it works, technically anyway, go here.)

Spotify: Scott Crawford (I make playlists here sometimes.)

Mixcloud: Scott Crawford (I post DJ mixes here sometimes, though it’s been a while.)

Amazon Wish List: Scott Crawford (Buy me all of the things.)

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