Yeah, I said “Holla”. Fuck you, too.

In addition to this site, there are a lot of other ways to contact and stay in contact with me. Too many, some might say. Here are the ones I generally make available to people:


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Hellbirb Twitter: @scottcrawford

Mastodon: @scottcrawford (This is a new thing I’m trying out as an eventual, hopeful Hellbird replacement. I really want to get the fuck off Hellbird.)

Facebook: Scott Crawford (I can’t guarantee that I’ll add you as a friend. I also really want to get the fuck off Facebook.)

Instagram: sssdddccc (I mostly post pictures of weird shit I find at flea markets here. I don’t end up hanging out on Instagram very often, nor do I interact with people there on the regular, though I did help a longtime regular of a leather bar buy an old poster from said leather bar there kind of recently. That was fun. I’m eventually going to get in the habit of posting pictures on the site you’re reading, rather than Instaflickercasa or whatever, so this one’s probably on a short leash.)

Bandcamp: Scott Crawford (Most of my music is up here. Haven’t recorded a new song in about 10 years, though. More on the music stuff in the Music section.)

Spotify: Scott Crawford (I make playlists here sometimes.)

Mixcloud: Scott Crawford (I post DJ mixes here sometimes, though it’s been a while.)

Amazon Wish List: Scott Crawford (Buy me all of the things.)

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