I’ll keep this extraordinarily simple.

Existence costs money.

If you approve of and enjoy the by-products of my continued existence, please feel free to donate some of it to me.

Thanks in advance.

Or, if you don’t like PayPal very much (Because who does, really?):


Alternately, here are some wish lists you can support me, this site, and in some cases, other creative types and good causes, by purchasing things from: Scott Crawford’s Wishlist (Some people are able to quit Amazon cold turkey. I’m not one of those people yet, though I wish I were. I’m working on it, and this is a first step. Please consider ordering books from Bookshop whenever possible, whether it’s for me, for gifts for other people, or for yourself.)

Newegg: Scott Crawford’s Newegg Wish List (See? Progress. Working on moving all my tech needs here.)

Bandcamp: Scott Crawford’s Bandcamp Wish List (Even workin’ on music. Dope, right?)

Pro Wrestling Tees: Scott Crawford’s Wish List at Pro Wrestling Tees (Yeah, I watch and enjoy professional wrestling. Occasionally, I want a t-shirt of a favorite performer. This is a good place to get those.)

Amazon: Scott Crawford’s Wish List (Still here, but I’m workin’ on getting out. See above link to wishlist. Bull Moose, please make your wish lists shareable! I’d love to give you more business.)