For those wondering what this is…

…particularly those too lazy to click the About link, this site aims to be a summation of what I’ve done with my life up until the present day, and a way for me to work toward “what I want to be when I grow up” moving forward. It’s going to tell my story through a few different kinds of media that I’ve fucked around with over the years, and serve as a launching pad toward things that will tell my story in greater depth than anyone would ever want to hear about on a web site. It’ll be résumé, news site, store (when I have things to sell), museum and diary all in one.

Or, it’ll be another toy that I get bored with playing with after a week.

Either way.

2 thoughts on “For those wondering what this is…

  1. subgirl says:

    Yesh! Looking’ good, sir! (also trying’ this here commentin’ thing out.)

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