I’m not currently recording music (though I am still forever writing it in my head), but I used to.

To be honest here, some of my released music, as well as the aesthetic I used to present it to people…well, it kinda puts me off nowadays. It’s a document of a person I’m pretty sure I stopped being, or, at the very least, don’t want to be anymore. I was kind of an idiot when I was younger…angry for the wrong reasons and at the wrong things, oblivious to how I impacted the world around me, and, perhaps worst of all, I thought that being famous was actually a good idea. With that said, I do realize that, once art (such as it is) is out into the world, it isn’t entirely yours anymore, and takes on different meanings for the people who engage with it, so it feels kinda selfish of me to refuse to continue to embarrass myself with some of my earlier creations.

So, to make everything a little easier to find, I’ve put this page together of all of my currently available music. Unless I find some viable demo tracks (though these are all more or less demo quality), or make some new music (entirely possible, but don’t hold your breath and don’t ask me when it’s happening), this will probably be it.

As the music here is also available on Bandcamp now, I’ve added their widgets to this page. This will also make it a little easier for you to pay me for my music, if you feel like that’s a thing you’d like to do. It’ll also be easier to play the music that way, as the “Play” buttons I was using don’t seem to be working anymore. The download links are still up here, at least for the time being, though you can get the majority of this music for free (or “pay what you want”, which does include a free option) via Bandcamp, at the same fidelity.

Releases, or quasi-releases, are grouped together. I will eventually be restoring the individual pages with information for each song (including credits, lyrics, and so forth).

While these releases are free, if you like what you hear, please consider donating or buying it, once again, from the Bandcamp page.

Thanks as always for your time and attention.

Proper-ish Releases:

“babykiller.” tracks:

“babykiller.” is an as-yet-unfinished album of mine. These songs are pretty much the pop songs of this collection of music, if you want to call them that. Verse-chorus-verse, vocals, lyrics. Yeah.

Love Life And Sign: 320k MP3 | WAV

Something True: 320k MP3 | WAV

The Scott Crawford Show: 320k MP3 | WAV

Puppet: 320k MP3 | WAV

Obsolete: 320k MP3 | WAV

Tonight: 320k MP3 | WAV

alt. EP:

Zenova: 320k MP3 | WAV

Something In My Drink: 320k MP3 | WAV

Wolftab: 320k MP3 | WAV

“the ritual.”:

Ecstacy: 320k MP3 | WAV

Untitled: 320k MP3 | WAV

Sybil: 320k MP3 | WAV

Chord: 320k MP3 | WAV

Sybil (version): 320k MP3 | WAV

Sybil (Instrumental): 320k MP3 | WAV

Other tracks:

Bald Mountain Party by Richard Hackley and Scott Crawford: 320k MP3 | WAV

New Song: 128k MP3

Cover versions (Original artists, please do not sue me; I’ve got no money anyhow…):

Heat (Soft Cell cover): 320k MP3 | WAV

Moonage Daydream (David Bowie cover): 192k MP3