Welcome to my gallery. Feel free to browse the various categories of images by type.

Second Life: I’ve spent over a decade visiting Second Life, and still own a club there called Heck, though events happen there infrequently these days. Here are some pictures I’ve taken, or had taken of me there.

(Pictured: “The Dance”, by Alma Fushikizoh)

Skies and Landscapes: I take pictures of skies and landscapes sometimes.

 Ticket Stubs, 1989-Present: these are obviously not photographs, but rather scans of ticket stubs and related memorabilia I own. I have been to most, but not all, of these events (eventually, as I get to captioning each properly, there will be more detail on that). In the case of the example stub I’m using here, I did attend the show, and it was GLORIOUS. At present, this gallery is only complete to 2012, but 2013-present will be scanned soon.

Burritos, 2015-Present: I have been photographing my burritos from one specific burrito place since 2015. This gallery showcases the photographs of those burritos.