How y’all doin’?

I’m askin’ for reals. I’ve heard from probably less than 20% of what I’d consider to be “my people” in the past month or two. Let me know in the comments, or drop me a line.

This fuckin’ world, eh?

Here’s some stuff that’s been happening, aside from, well, a goddamned pandemic:

Phantogram, Moses Sumney and Jonny Polonsky have all put out solid albums in the last few weeks…

On the home front, we finally found a reliable electrician, and have adequate lighting in our home for the first time in four and a half years.

I was supposed to take a trip to New Jersey in early April, but who the fuck knows on that?

At some point, I will stop talking about this, but the account I deleted in January, breaking from the company’s old habits (maybe it’s the data protection laws, or maybe I’m just an undesirable), is completely deleted now. I can’t even do a password recovery. If we used to talk exclusively on there, I’d have to make a new account and send you a friend request to do it again, so maybe get ahold of me here instead if you come across this, you dig?

That’s kind of it at the moment.



15 thoughts on “How y’all doin’?

  1. James says:

    Lurkers lurk hard

  2. Andrew Walsh says:

    The school I work at just cancelled all events through april, which is the bulk of my job. So I’ll likely be in “self isolation” off and on for the next few weeks. Thankfully I have a union job and free health care if things go south. I feel terrible for support workers that don’t have a choice.

    • Yeah, this is not a good time, and I’m worried about a lot of folks. Trying to be as calm about it as circumstances will allow, but it’s been a weird stretch. Glad you’re squared away, but thinking of the people who are less secure.

  3. Steven Ben says:

    I’m with the Jamie kid, professional lurking.

    However I will say 3 years on 70000tons of Metal. \m/ A must attend!
    On a more somber note Dark Side of the Con postponed.
    Philadelphia Beer and Metal festival postponed. Saddens me when a virus takes my fun away.
    Metal Committed, Committed to Metal.
    We have to have you on a 70000tons cruise. Stay Safe.

    • I really want one of the 70000 Tons lineups to just set up in my back yard. Just…Venom on my patio. Grillin’ with Cronos. That’s the life for me.

      Never been on a cruise, not so sure about ’em (jealous of the lineups you see every damn year, food sounds good, booze and shopping don’t hold a lot of sway over me, not sure how I’d do on open water for that long, never tried it, and I’m not always so sure about the state of the boats from the horror stories I hear on the regular). Shit’s not really in our budget at the moment, either, but we still eyeball it when the announcements happen.

      We’ve got tickets to a few things right now that could get cancelled yet (Dead Can Dance in late April and Bloodbath in late May; the former’s a likely scratch, not sure about Bloodbath yet). Mark and Tracy were supposed to come through our neck of the woods this week, too, but shit got weird with all this.

      You and the family stay safe up there, as well.

  4. Rich says:

    Just watching the collapse of civilization along with everyone else. I thought to stock up on TP a wile back, so I think I have enough to get me through the plague. Maybe.

  5. Andrew says:

    Not much happening here, just been doing some paid writing gigs on Textbroker and generally staying away from people as much as possible right now. Kinda glad I’m not sitting in an office anymore being exposed to potential c-virus carriers who absolutely must go to work under any circumstances.

    • Yeah, it would be really nice if the “show up to office, or else” disappeared from our culture.

      • Andrew says:

        Absolutely. It’s not like they don’t have paid sick leave available (they do, as should everyone), they just think ‘but my work needs meeeeeee’ and brag about how they’ve never taken a sick day in their lives. I just know there’s certain people there who are going to ignore any self quarantine messages and become Patient Zero. :/

  6. Wil Aristotle says:

    Hey Scott, hanging in here at Theme Park Ground Zero. Trying to remain calm and collected but I’m glad you’re ok

  7. Anthony DiGrigoli says:

    Checking in. So far we are managing. We have food, meds, beverages, enough, but not a ridiculous amount of TP, and a bidet so we are good on supplies. Keeping in touch with friends and family and also keeping in mind for small businesses that I know that could use support.

    Hope you are well and feel connected. We are all in our respective homes, but that does not mean we are truly apart.


    • Glad you’re squared away, Anthony.

      I tried a bidet when I was in Helsinki, and it scared me (after a lifetime of “I need a bidet”, I finally scaled the mountain, and then I was like “Naw, man. That shit ain’t right.”), so we haven’t gone there yet, and as there’s kind of a rush on them at the moment, it may be a while before we get around to it again. I would say “Let me know how it goes for you!”, but, well, it’s a bidet, and I’m pretty sure that’s a level of detail we can skip on.

      Doin’ my best to feel connected, stay connected, reconnect, and help other people feel connected. Have stuff in progress. Thanks for checkin’ in!

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