In which our hero discusses productivity


I did some unholy shit to my to-do list today.

The kinda shit that mostly only happens in really screwed up manga that your 12 year old cousin reads.

It was like THAT.

And I’m not done yet.

See, I’m posting about this here, rather on some rat fuck Big Social site (yeah, they’ll get a link to it and maybe a preview that doesn’t look like shit, but the GOLD, that’s just for here), in the interest of not giving those assholes who run those things so much of my life energy, and maybe starting to build something lasting here, where y’all can hang out, read, comment, communicate with each other, that kinda shit. I’ve only got a few of you commenting so far, and if I’m lucky, I might add a few more on this post (email me to apply for a commenting account, as I can’t let just anyone in on the 2019 Internet), but 1 or 2 would be a victory, and the more times I post, and the more times I put this request out, the better chance we have of starting to build a community without Zuckerberg, Dorsey, or whatever motherfuckers run Discord up in our shit. Let’s do something fun.

And seriously.

My to-do list.


Fucking thing totally didn’t see it coming.

It was like the monster at the end of this book was really that shit from Watchmen, and it decided to form a Deicide tribute band or something.