Just under 62 days

That is, unfortunately, how long I was able to stay away from Facebook.

Unfortunately, the nature of this worldwide crisis we’re in means that being in touch with people and being able to at least try to support them through all of this takes priority over how I feel about the least trustworthy company on Earth. At least for now. If I find that my being on there does more harm than good to myself, my household or the people I came back to support, I’ll leave again.

Goddamn it all.

5 thoughts on “Just under 62 days

  1. Charlie says:

    I feel this so hard.

  2. Anthony DiGrigoli says:

    Um, sorry to see you back? I get it though, fb is a better way to keep in touch with that many people at one time. So, glad you are visible there for as long as you need, but at least it will be easier to bouncs this time.

    Peace Scott

  3. Bonnie Sinnock says:

    Extraordinary circumstances and all. It was still not bad to try IMO.

  4. Emma-L says:

    funny i left it 4 days ago…..I didn’t leave it like you did……….with a plan to sever all association……..I just walked for a bit…..i am glad you went back i always thought it was a bad idea for you……..and your someone actually that people needs to communicate with……………….just my two sense worth……

    • Thing is, under normal circumstances, I was just fine without Facebook. I was communicating with people plenty, figuring out who I hadn’t heard from, and improving on the process as I went along. This was about access to emergency information that, as I give a shit about my friends, I needed to have and be able to get to others, and couldn’t get anywhere else at the speed we all need it right now. Chances are, that won’t work out the way I’d like it to, either, because we’ve already covered how untrustworthy a company Facebook is, and I’m already running up against their bullshit here and there. I felt like it was irresponsible not to try and be there to offer people even just moral support right now.

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