“Love Life And Sign” by Scott Crawford

Love Life And Sign: 320k MP3 | WAV

Love Life And Sign
Music and lyrics by Scott Crawford

love life and sign
she finds me
chase all the pain

breaking the waves
behind me
nothing else feels
the same

heaven or hell
i’ve been there
hadn’t a care
in the world

win or you lose
just ain’t fair
can’t stay away
from the girl

give me your hand
i’ll show you
a shower of orchids in the sky

don’t walk away
i know you
love you until
i die


About the song: I wrote it in my sleep. Literally. I heard the music and lyrics in a dream I had, and remembered enough of it long enough to do a scratch pad version when I woke up. It’s, as I said, the first “finished” song I released, though “finished” is relative, as it has been played live with another guitar line by Kage over the top of the existing music, and I’ve also used the following additional lyrics, written in 2006 before you Kelly Clarkson fans descend, over the end of the song at times, which I’ve intended to flesh out into another song but never gotten around to:

Hell would suck without you
You may say I’m crazy but it’s true
I can’t think of anyone else who needs to be there just like I do
And I know you’d miss me too

Something else the sonically astute may notice and cringe at: I purposely mixed the vocals so they lean more to the right speaker than the left, which I’m pretty sure is an audio engineering no-no. I get bored sometimes.