May 1st, and whatnot.

Some updates:

Everyone I’ve mentioned in these pieces who has or had COVID-19 is still with us as I type this, as far as I’m aware (and I have been keeping up; the person who had the worst case out of all the people I know is still fighting like hell, but they’re starting to make some progress now). I do know people, including some of you who read this, who’ve had losses, and I’m very sorry for those losses.

In much lighter news, I’m 40% through the pile of comic books now, so there’s been some progress there. I’ve watched The Illumination of Jim WoodringStrange Brew, One Million Years B.C., Barbarella and the long-lost Music Of The Spheres (which I hadn’t seen in over 30 years, and which I thought was lost to the ages) since I wrote last, so I’ve finally got some attention span back for movies. I’ve been keeping up with Better Call Saul and Westworld, too. The former had a great season, while the latter’s had an uneven one. We’ll see how the finale plays out on Sunday.

On the video game front, my household’s played the hell out of Untitled Goose Game, and I just have to get through the timed missions to 100% it. It’s been a tonic through some pretty bleak times.

I’ll try to write a bit more frequently this month, as it’s probably kinda scary when people have long gaps in between their diatribes nowadays. I hope that you are all as well as you can be at the moment. Y’all should stay in touch too, eh?

2 thoughts on “May 1st, and whatnot.

  1. Bonnie Sinnock says:

    Glad you are keeping this going – I’m considering some social media breaks from time-to-time with everything being so overwhelming

    • In truth, I need to say and do more here. I have at least one project, aside from keeping people up on things, to do on this site in the near future, and hopefully I’m getting closer to starting it. (I finally finished the pile of a few dozen comics from the last batch of pull list stuff that came out in The Before Time a few minutes ago, and that was, just in terms of “big thing I needed to get through, in a lot of ways”, a significant, if totally unrelated obstacle.)

      I appreciate that other folks are appreciating a continued dialogue here, though.

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