Welcome to the museum. JUST starting this section of the site, so there’s not a lot here just yet.


Ticket Stubs 1989-present (New!): if you wanted to track my movements over a fairly long period of time, you could do that here. This is a gallery of every ticket stub I still have (last updated a couple of years ago, but I’ll be adding more soon).

The Interviews: I’ve done a number of interviews with musicians over the years. This is where those will be collected. I’ll be adding them as I move them over from old sites, transcribe or scan them from old magazines and recordings, and so forth.

Gig List: a complete (as far as I can remember or document) list of shows I’ve played on my own and with various other acts I was involved with.

The Book: I’ve had a book in the works on and off forever. This is an archive of the stories I’ve posted here which may someday be in that book.