Welcome to the museum. I’ll be adding new exhibits regularly, so check back often. Also, for the more visually-oriented among you, be sure to check out my new Gallery section, where I’ll be posting photographs and scans of various things.


I ran a video game fan convention in 1997, one of the first big ones. It was a mess, but a mess I’m still proud of in some ways, especially as I’ve watched the success of similar conventions worldwide from what’s mostly been a polite distance.

Now, I haven’t put the whole original Electronicon web site back up here in untouched form (and I won’t; 20 year old HTML combined with broken links, dead email addresses and so forth don’t make for fun revisitation), and it’s also no longer viewable on The Wayback Machine, but I have put up sort of a remastered version of the original site, so there will once again be some fairly static online proof that the convention existed. I did a little clean-up of the old code, admittedly, but it was mostly a matter of fixing inconsistencies in my initial coding efforts (little things, like not having all of the pages of a particular site displaying the same background color), along with fixing the aforementioned broken links and such. Don’t worry, it’ll still give you all the warm fuzzies of code written in 1997 (and graphic design that, in some spots, was very obviously ganked from other stuff; wasn’t me, I hired a guy…), but it also won’t look like COMPLETELY like it was built by someone who had less than 6 months of coding experience, almost no book-learning on the subject, no sleep, a bunch of drugs in his system and an emoticon problem. I know, I ruin all of your fun.

I also plan to do some sort of “20 years later” update to the Electronicon site at some point, because, fucking ‘ell, it’s been 20 years. Still figuring that part out, though.

For now, enjoy what’s here.

(No, I’ve no plans of doing another convention at present. This convention is completely unrelated, though we wish them the best.)

 Gig List:

This is a complete (as far as I can remember or document) list of shows I’ve played as a musician, either on my own or with various other acts I was involved with.

Musical Acts I’ve Seen, A-Z: A List

Yeah, I’m trying to compile the most complete list I can actually remember. We’ll see how far I get on it.

That Time When People Thought That I Hung Out With John Cale And Lou Reed Dressed As Batman And Robin:

Yup, it’s just what it sounds like. You may end up on this web site because of this. Life’s weird.

The Book:

I’ve had a book in the works on and off forever. This is an archive of the stories I’ve posted here which may someday be in that book.

The Interviews:

I’ve done a number of interviews with musicians over the years. This is where those will be collected. I’ll be adding them as I move them over from old sites, transcribe or scan them from old magazines and recordings, and so forth.