"you sound like a guy who wants to make something of yourself, so i'm sure you will, sooner or later."

-Iggy Pop on me, 1994

"...the guy acts like an ASSHOLE."

-Roger Ebert on me, 2010

(How'd I do, Iggy?)

Among other things, I've been a writer, a musician, a webmaster, a DJ, a convention organizer, a model, a wedding officiant, an erstwhile collectibles dealer, and a coke addict strip club owner in a virtual world. My work in various fields has been featured on MSNBC and in publications like Beckett Sports Monthly, Propaganda and No Cover. I'm retired these days, but my hobbies keep me busy.

As I am no longer an active member of the workforce, I am not accepting offers of bona fide work these days. If you're interested in touching base or asking questions anyway, feel free, but please be respectful of my situation and genuine in your intentions.



If you lived here, you'd be home now. I’ve just made this site the main outlet for my general interest writing, after initially setting it up to act as a portfolio and clearinghouse for my various activities, both online and off. Moving forward, I plan to also make it an online museum of sorts about my life.

May 2012 - Present


I need new hobbies.

After 5 1/2 years writing about trading cards at Scott Crawford On Cards, I decided to move to a new site, where I could continue to write about cards while also exploring my other hobbies. It's very vanilla by many peoples' standards, but it's the most joy I've gotten out of writing in a very long time, and the work has put me in touch with a great community of amateur and professional pop culture historians.

Sep 2010 - Present



I own a nightclub in the virtual world known as Second Life. Strange things happen there, when things happen there at all. I'm hoping that the platform outlives the fools in charge of it at the moment, because its potential is limitless in the right (or wrong) hands.

Dec 2006 - Present


My Big, Black Cock.

What can I say about My Big, Black Cock that hasn't been said in hushed, embarrassed, yet strangely reverent tones by everyone who knows me? I've retired the site, but for many years, it served as my main web site. From talking in painful detail about my personal life to interviewing musicians such as Andrew W.K., Pinky Beecroft, Cathedral, Richard Hackley and Kerry King from Slayer, to covering elections and marathons to a bunch of other stuff that, truth be told, I'm also kind of embarrassed of now, I did it there, I've did it for longer than the majority of the Web has existed, and I did it in a world filled with people who are afraid to type the address of the site into their web browsers. Are you?

Oct 2000 - Jan 2014


Scott Crawford

I sing, play keyboards, play bass, program drums and play some guitar as well. I've worked solo as well as with the New York-based groups Murder In The Dark and Get Precious. I've been on hiatus from actively making music for a decade now, but anything's possible.

Dec 1987 - Dec 2006



I organized one of the first international classic video game conventions in the world. Held in Philadelphia in June, 1997, Electronicon was attended by luminaries from throughout the video game world, featured on MSNBC's program "The Site", mentioned at Next Generation Online and also received significant coverage in the first edition of The Twin Galaxies Official Book Of Video Game And Pinball World Records by Walter Day (published 1998).

Oct 1996 - Jun 1997

Publicity Assistant

Formula Public Relations And Artist Development

I handled some regional tour press for a number of major label recording artists, including Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Prick and Ruby. Hectic office, as you'd probably imagine, but some good times were had.

Jan 1995 - Mar 1996

Associate Editor/Writer/Direct Sales Representative/Fashion Model

Propaganda Magazine

Over my 5 years with Propaganda (the biggest Gothic subculture magazine in the world at the time), I performed a number of duties, including fashion modelling, consulting on editorial content, direct sales (including then-regional chain Hot Topic among my accounts), scouting/hiring talent and occasionally (and invariably with me being in way over my head) interviewing internationally known musicians.

Oct 1990 - Aug 1995


  • Wedding Officiating
  • Shoutcast
  • Synthesizers
  • Vocals
  • Bass Guitar
  • WordPress
  • Second Life
  • Music Journalism
  • Pop Culture History
  • Collectibles
  • Social Media
  • Writing
  • Crisis Management
  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2