Running a first proper test on members-only posts…

If all goes well, only members should see this. If it doesn’t, then all of you should be able to. Also: no idea if email subscribers will see a notification for this post, but if they do, I’ll likely make this public shortly after the test.

Update: this should be publicly visible now, so if you can read this without logging in, don’t sweat it, nothing’s broken. Yes, from the test, it restricts the body of the post from viewership. Yes, it also sends out a subscription notification (and it would be nice to have more granular control over which posts do and don’t get emails sent out for them, but hey). No, it doesn’t cover up the title of the post, which is kind of not really ideal.

Still poking at this sort of thing.

In the meantime, if you’d like a user account here for when I do start using this feature or a similar one (note: requests do not guarantee a user account, which I reserve the right to refuse or revoke at any time for any reason), email me and if you qualify, I’ll see about getting you set up.