So, yeah, 3 months later…

…that “I’ll try to write more frequently” business looks pretty bad.

There was a sick cat (she’s doin’ better now, but it took a while), several home improvement projects, and the dog ate my homework.

I still exist, though, and my people, from what I can tell, are doin’ alright.

I should mention that I’m cheating on you right now. As an experiment, I started a Substack. I’ll be posting mostly different stuff there than I am here. It’s free, but it’s invite-only. If you’d like an invite, ask me for one via email. I cannot guarantee that I’ll agree to it, because sometimes, the wrong kinda weirdos ask me for stuff, but I’ll at least consider it.

World, especially the States, continues to be in the shitter. Some places are better than others. The one I live in is not one of those places.

Despite the looming threat of No More Comic Books and a bloodbath at one of the major companies, comic books continue to show up for now.

I’m still on fucking Facebook, but the Substack thing is part of my exit strategy. Watch Zuckerberg buy it now that I said that.

I’ve watched a bunch of movies and TV. I wanna get this post out, so I’ll get back to you on what, because I’d have to go over what I’ve gotten to.

The post just below this one has most of my favorite albums of the year in it, but as it’s not on Spotify, I’d like to take this opportunity to recommend Emma Swift’s Blonde on the Tracks again, as it’s great.

The rest, we’ll get to soon. In the meantime, how’s about leaving a comment, and letting me know how you’re doing?

3 thoughts on “So, yeah, 3 months later…

  1. Anthony W DiGrigoli says:

    Hey Scott. Seeing you back on fb is nice/comforting, but disappointing at the same time. Sounds terrible to say, but I think you are probably feeling the same. Glad you are writing here still. As for me, still healthy, loving Renee, honored to be part of B’s life, collecting and building LEGO, watching movies, TV shows, reading books, riding my bike, studying, volunteering, and getting involved in new goals while my mind and body is still willing. I’ll check out the tune you posted. Thanks!

    • If I’m disappointed about anything, it’s that I don’t feel like I’m able to do what I went back there to do. I might not be good at it, but it could also be that the conditions there make it impossible. I wanted to keep in touch with people, keep people in touch with one another, and do what I could to boost morale (a skill that doesn’t come naturally to me, mind you, but the thing I felt like I needed to try to do), and I’d say that all three of those are difficult to impossible through the noise there. I’m not giving up (and with whatever this fucking election’s going to dump in our laps, being easily reachable by trustworthy loved ones is gonna be important), but I’m definitely trying to move the conversation elsewhere, maybe eventually here, but I have to get people used to leaving the walled garden first (and that’s tough nowadays, it’s kinda like the Internet pulled a reverse AOL and everyone ran back to the safe place that wasn’t, so much…).

      Glad you’re keepin’ busy and seem to be at least trying to make the best of this whole situation.

      And yes, Emma Swift is terrific and totally worthy of your time.

  2. Bonnie Sinnock says:

    I enjoyed the one song of hers I’ve listened to so far – her guitar playing is calming

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