Some life updates…

I am alive.

It’s been a little over a month since I did that thing I did.

I hear from far fewer people on a given day than I was hearing from before I did it, and I don’t know a lot of what’s going on in your lives. Plenty of you are keeping the faith, though, and I appreciate it. Shoot me a line, leave a comment here, or whatever. “I’m always home. I’m uncool!”

I’ve done my best, given my general state of being, to reach out, too. There’s room for improvement, but I’m very human and my sleep was a mess for weeks. I’ll continue working on it.

I’m also torn between my desire to nuke multiple accounts on really terrible websites, and my concerns about further isolating myself at a time when people need each other.

Back here on the other side of the screen, it’s tough for a middle-aged man with my interests to make local friends without either volunteering somewhere or being an alcoholic. Where volunteer work is concerned, the spirit is willing, but I’m tired and physically unreliable. I’m retired from the other thing. Alternate suggestions are welcome.

I’ve started the next round of doctors for the various things that are wrong with me. My goal (barring new catastrophes) is to figure out what can be fixed, what’s likely to get worse, and what’s going to stay about the same relatively soon. Wish me luck on all that.

I figured out, during this process, that Monday appointments are a really bad idea for me. It’s a combination of the stress of not knowing if I’ll be awake for said appointment, and wanting to get started on my week when other people do, especially since my productivity is often limited during business hours.

Little by little, I’m trying to clear the cobwebs from a year’s worth of post-concussion syndrome. At least, I hope it’s post-concussion syndrome, and some more of it will wear off, and not permanent brain damage, where life’s just gonna be like this or worse from here on out. There are good days and bad days.

I’m still experiencing some writer’s block, which has been ongoing since I pulled the plug on the motherfucker. It’s impacting this website and my other one, but I’m trying to push through it. How obvious is it that I’m straining to write this?

I’ve been a little behind on current music (I’ve got a backlog of at least Kesha, Marc Almond, and Ozzy; best wishes to Ozzy, by the way…), but Richard Marx, that beautiful bastard, put out an album that I’d describe as a best-case scenario for a Richard Marx album released in 2020. I’m going to guess that if you’re not already a fan, this isn’t for you, but who knows?

There are also new songs from Sparks (full album out May 15th)…

…and Choir Boy (full album out May 7th).

I haven’t gotten out a lot lately. Definitely feeling the urge, but there’s a time and place for it.

With that said, I highly recommend going to see Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn while it’s still in theatres, or at home when it isn’t. I think it’s the best live-action DC super-hero movie I’ve seen since Keaton was Batman (though I haven’t seen Aquaman or Green Lantern yet).

I’m pretty sure that the world’s still on fire, figuratively and literally, and getting worse by the second. There’s some good stuff too, though.

Does anyone have any questions?

8 thoughts on “Some life updates…

  1. Anthony DiGrigoli says:

    Hey Scott. Glad to read our words still. I prefer this format over FB because it provides focus rather than consumption. I trust that the wrtiers block will pass and hope that trust gives you some comfort.
    Birds of Prey has been on my radar too so I am glad to get a review from someone who’s opinion on the matter I can get behind. Maybe tomorrow will be the day I get out to see it. How family friendly is it? Language is no big deal given a 12 year old’s viewing experience these days is equivelent to that of a 16 year old from ours. I am more concerned with visions of sexual violence and disturbing topics like incest, rape, and graphic human mutilation. A “fuck off” or an “eat shit” are not going to damage her. As an example, we were watching 28 Days Later this past Tuesday (family movie night) and everything was ok until Christopher Eccelston’s cahrater tells the male heroine (Jim) that he promised his men women. Since there are two females with the Jim and one of them is about the kids age I paused the film to say that it has taken a dark turn and explained that I would watch the remainder of the film to let her know how it ends with my personal edits. She happily agreed and proceeded to her room to play Mine Craft. It is hard work trying to give them as many years as possible of some sense of innocence. Once gone that is it.
    Outside of that I’m doing well. Like many I am conflicted with the state of the country and realizing that our generation did little to change the world like those before us and the generations after us are misinformed and so busy trying to keep up that I have little faith that they will make a bit of change either. That aside, I am still in this thing called life to enjoy it while I have it as kindly as possible. I am almost done watching the latest Tom Papa stand up on Netflix and a lot of it matches my outlook on life, parenting, and some of our societal behaviors.

    Thanks for keeping me on your list.
    Be well and I hope you find what supports your health.


    • re: Birds of Prey, I’m gonna go ahead and say “not family-friendly” by your metrics (definitely gory, and the villains really, really don’t have healthy attitudes toward women), but it’s a fun movie anyway and, as these things go, with terrible shit out in the world, regardless, if the kid does eventually end up seeing it one way or the other (best-case, I think, would be her and friends sneaking it at a sleepover somewhere along the line), she’ll at least have people to root for in it.

      (I’m admittedly a little puzzled by 28 Days Later as a “family movie night” choice, as that was some bleak shit, even by zombie movie standards. Did y’all read ahead on that?)

      As for how innocent Minecraft is, the game is what it is, but the creator of the game is basically the kind of movie villain you don’t want your kid seeing, without being as charming. He’s an absolute dumpster fire of a human being (and that’s kind of an insult to dumpster fires, really). Microsoft banned him from attending anniversary festivities for the game he created, as I just found out from his Wikipedia entry, because he’s so terrible. Present-day gamer culture in general is also doing its best every day to crap all over the souls of basically everyone (it’s one of the biggest recruiting grounds for white supremacist terror organizations, if not the biggest). With that said, please don’t try to take away or filter her video games. Just make sure she trusts you and your wife enough to have an honest, open dialogue about the kinds of things (and people) she likely runs into in games (and elsewhere) at times, with her feeling like you two have her back as best you can, and without her feeling like she’s going to get in trouble for what other people are doing.

      The mission you’re undertaking is a damn tough one, because even without Hollywood and the game industry, modern life’s still pretty intense for kids. I wish you, your wife, and especially your kid luck with it all.

  2. Justin Trimboli says:

    I don’t actually have anything to say, but want to let you know I’m reading these.

  3. Rich Kwolek says:

    You probably picked a good time to exit. The Bernie Bros™ have been out in full regalia since the last few primaries and caucuses.

  4. Bonnie Sinnock says:

    Not sure if this will be seen given reports of technical difficulties but I saw Birds of Prey and also liked it. Good for my teen but questioner should prob consider yr feedback. What I’ve done during periods of unemployment and plan for retirement if get to is free library/park stuff and public meetings

    • Nope, we gotcha. My host was doing maintenance on the MySQL servers when that happened, but it was GREAT timing.

      Damn it, I missed the Free Library Stuff in town tonight! Totally blanked on it, long day. Hopefully the public media thingy in town got video of it, as I was curious about it.

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