Some More Housecleaning On A Site No One Reads: New Links Section And More

Yes, we’re partying like it’s 1996 around here.

I made a Links page. It’s sparse at the moment, but I’m still trying to establish what’s ending up there, as I’m thinking of it in more “permanent collection” terms than ephemeral ones, at least at the moment. I like making sure people have seen the good shit, though, so I was inclined to do this, and it’ll likely be an ongoing work in progress for the remainder of this site’s time on Earth or wherever.

In other “news”, I’ve made some changes to the menus here. I’m not putting enough in The Book to justify it being in the main menu, so it’s moved to the Museum section.

I also changed “Other Sites” to “My Other Sites“, because, with the Links section around, it makes sense to avoid confusion.

This is all quite thrilling to the three of you who read this site, I’m sure.