“the ritual.” by Scott Crawford

Ecstacy: 320k MP3 | WAV

Untitled: 320k MP3 | WAV

Sybil: 320k MP3 | WAV

Chord: 320k MP3 | WAV

Sybil (version): 320k MP3 | WAV

Sybil (Instrumental): 320k MP3 | WAV

Here’s what I wrote in the liner notes for the 2006 release of “the ritual.”:

“In 1994, Scott Crawford recorded “the ritual.”, a commissioned work for Fred H. Berger’s Propaganda Videozine #3. 12 years later, the work has finally been removed from the vaults and released. During that time, many have wondered why it didn’t get released right away (that part is a story for another day), and some even went as far as to hook a tape recorder to their VCRs to bootleg the audio from the original videotape!

This release, including “Sybil (version)”, a never-before-heard outtake from the sessions for “the ritual.”, would not have been possible without the following individuals: Fred H. Berger (who commissioned the pieces that became “the ritual.” in the first place), Jacqueline Barclay (who literally bled for the transcendent vocals you hear on both versions of “Sybil”), Skylab Studios (who were accommodating despite this clearly not being their kind of project), Ted Wohlsen at Cook Street Sound (who graciously handled the transfer of the recording from the original DAT), and Miranda Padgett, who finally drove home the point that yes, maybe people really did want to own a copy of this music.”