Electronicon's Calendar Of Events

Obviously, if we're going as far as to throw a party like Electronicon, we love to see video gamers get together, and support any event that brings them together. As a public service to the video gaming community, and also to provide a purpose for this Web site after Electronicon is over, we are now offering FREE listings to any video game-related event on our Calendar Of Events. We will list anything from a huge industry convention like E3, to a guy who wants to get a few gamers to come over and play games on the weekends.

Here's what we need to know in order to list your event:

Email us this information, and we'll list your event on our calendar as soon as possible!

Also, if you know of any video game events we're not currently listing, drop us a line with some info on the event and (if possible) a way to contact the organizers to see if they'd be interested in listing with us.

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