"And now, here's the news..."

This is where you can find out the latest on Electronicon! Any breaking developments will be added to this section of our site first, as soon as they're confirmed.

If you have news to report that may be of interest to Electronicon's attendees, let us know! We'll add it to this section if it's a scoop.

Latest News:

6/4/97: ALL Tables Now Free At Electronicon!

6/4/97: Electronicon Tournament Events Announced!

5/19/97: Atari 2600 Programmer Howard Scott Warshaw Announced As Special Guest Speaker!

4/28/97: Free Videotopia Tokens for Electronicon Pre-Registrants!

4/28/97: Free display/trading tables now available!

4/4/97: Electronicon Video Game Tournaments To Recieve Mention In Twin Galaxies High Score Book

Electronicon Official Announcement

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